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8:55 am Chair’s Opening Remarks

Navigating the Complicated IP Landscape

9:00 am Case Study – AI-Powered Drug Repurposing For Rare Diseases

  • Ian Roberts Director of Therapeutic Technology, Healx


• Healx combines AI with drug discovery expertise to find novel treatments for the 400 million people living with a rare disease. 95% of those conditions do not have an approved treatment
• Using an innovative AI platform, Healx makes drug development faster and more efficient by identifying potential opportunities to repurpose existing drugs
• This approach has already shown success with Fragile X syndrome, a rare genetic condition. Join Dr Ian Roberts to learn more

9:30 am Case Study – Role of Expertise, Experience & IP-Protected Assets in Drug Repositioning


  • Our experience with Systematic Drug Repositioning within Big Pharma
  • Where can AI and Big Data have the most impact in Drug Repurposing
  • How to find experts based on data to help remove roadblocks

10:00 am Panel Discussion – Collaborative AI and IP in Drug Discovery & Development

10:45 am Morning Coffee

11:15 am AI & Pharmaceutical Solid Form Patent Strategies for Repurposing Pharmaceutical Assets


• Introduction of what a pharmaceutical solid form is, such as salts, polymorphs and cocrystals, and why they are important in drug development and repurposing programs
• Explain how peer companies are using solid forms in the patent strategies
• Discuss the effect AI may have in the near future on such patent strategies and what we can forecast now about what to do about it

Drug Repurposing Commercial Considerations

11:45 am Panel Discussion – Commercial Sustainability in New Indication Discovery


The commercial balancing act of drug repurposing – benefit the patients in the best possible fashion whilst sustaining a business

12:30 pm Case Study – Creating Value From Clinical Repurposing Opportunities


• Evidence generation is key when creating value in drug repurposing
• Why evidence will help engage investors and accelerate further impactful investment that catalyses meaningful repurposing projects
• How to change repurposing perceptions on innovation for greater stakeholder engagement

1 pm Networking Lunch

2:00 pm Case Study: Exploring the Opportunity Space to Combat Rare Diseases with Existing Drugs

  • Rajiv Govindaraj Senior Scientist, Computational Chemist, HotSpot Therapeutics


• Creating an AI based strategy to guide structure-based drug repurposing efforts
• How State-of-the-art algorithms are employed to construct eRepo-ORP, a new resource for orphan drug research
• How to utilize and transform this chemical space data into commercial viable drug

2:30 pm Case Study – Not All AIs Are Created Equal for Repositioning: Balancing Benefit & Risk Outcomes


• Repositioning includes not just finding a new benefit for an existing drug, but equally ensuring its safety in the unanticipated disease. Any method (AI or otherwise) to reposition should be equally good at both
• Not all AI’s are created equal: to machine learning (ML) AI, everything is a ML problem (to a hammer, everything is a nail). However, significant clinical outcome problems, such as unanticipated side effects, cannot be trained for and need entirely new types of AI
• Specific use cases on different AI doctrines will be presented in statins, diabetes and beyond

3 pm Afternoon Networking Break

The Great Opportunity With AI

3:15 pm Panel Discussion – Concepts to Build Trust Towards AI/ML & How Can We Ensure Data Harmonization, Quality, Sharing & Security

  • Angelo Pugliese Associate Director Computational Chemistry , BioAscent
  • Steve Smith Principal Computational Biology Data Scientist, Teva Pharmaceuticals
  • Rajiv Govindaraj Senior Scientist, Computational Chemist, HotSpot Therapeutics
  • Lei Xie Professor, Computer Science, The City University of New York


• Addressing concerns such as the ‘black box’ problem, accountability in AI, and driving principles forward with data for collective benefit

4:00 pm Commercializing Academic Repurposing Discoveries: The Tech Transfer Perspective

  • Raja Krishnan Commercialization Manager - Life Sciences, University of Kentucky


• Patent issues and regulatory considerations
• Examples of challenges during due diligence
• How to train and provide support to academic researchers in order to develop a better strategy to advance repurposed drug assets. Great opportunities exist in Universities and how do we capitalize on this

4:30 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of Conference